• Food Industry

    Food Industry
    We design our food industry containers incorporating your specific requirements from the very beginning: food grade materials, strength, hygiene, easy and safe handling, cold storage...
  • Agriculture

    We offer a full range of boxes and crates for fruits and vegetables, combining easy handling, strength and resistance. Here you will find the specific model you need according to your requirements.
  • Recycling and recovery

    Recycling and recovery
    Are you a professional of Waste Management and Recycling ? And, above all, you need strong and cost-effective pallet boxes, projecting a good image to your customers: the large volume reinforced pallet-containers or the ECO-boxes are made for you!
  • Industry

    Whether your current problem is managing intermediate production stocks, optimising logistics flows or implementing a waste collection process, our rigid strengthened pallet containers will bring you a reliable and robust solution.
  • Crates

    Stackable and stackable / nestable crates.
  • Pallet boxes

    Pallet boxes
    Strengthened containers and ECO-boxes, sizes 1.200x1.000 mm and 1.200x1.200 mm.
  • Customized products

    Customized products
    Customized design : adaptation of existing products or design of new moulds.
  • Focus : high-Tº crates

    Focus : high-Tº crates
    Crates adapted to high-temperatures process.